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Finn Hudson

"Dude that rocks, it's like gay Braveheart!"

19 November
Finn Hudson // GLEE |


Finn's extended bio can be found at his GLEE WIKI

beyondmckinley // Beyond McKinley RPG

➜ After graduating McKinley with around average grades once he put his mind to it, Finn went on to work full time at his step-dad, Burt's, garage, Hummel Tyres & Lube. He had been working there part time since the summer following his Junior year and discovered he really liked the hands-on work even if it had nothing to do with his music or football dreams. He enjoyed earning money and it gave him a chance to spend quality time with Burt where they forged a close father-son relationship and it gave Finn the father he always wanted. His family were, without a doubt, the most important thing to him and after splitting up with Rachel (again), he didn't date again after that, focusing instead on making something of himself.

When Kurt split with Blaine and left for New York, family life was definitely quiet for Finn. He concentrated on working and saving, and eventually got enough to seriously stop and contemplate going to college, now nearly three years after high school is said and done with. Music and football took a backseat to mere hobbies after school and New Directions finished. For awhile, Finn was content but after witnessing the heartache Kurt and Blaine had gone through recently in New York and having the honour of being Kurt's Best Man at their wedding, Finn started to get itchy feet, more and more wondering about where his life was heading.

He now has made the decision to take the plunge and move to New York like so many of his friends, and will start college in Fall of 2011 at Polytechnic Institute of New York studying Mechanical Engineering. He also managed to score a job as a Parking Valet at a posh five-star hotel in the city. All in all, he is excited to be about to begin life in New York with his brother, brother-in-law and his old school friends.

backwithbaggage // Back with Baggage RPG

➜ Without the blow up and split of all his friends, Finn ironically probably would have fallen into the standard Lima Loser life. He probably would have stayed in Lima, worked in a sub-par job, had a miserable marriage, and ended up divorced before he hit thirty. He discovered that he was ambitiously-challenged. With high school there to distract him, it was like he could just put off planning for the future, and suddenly everyone wasn't talking and the real world was upon then. It was losing his friends and having the ties severed with his a brother he had come to love dearly that had Finn making te decision to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Army. He wanted to be responsible and make something of himself, and he wanted to finish the task his dad never got th chance to. It took a lot of talking to convince Carole to let her beloved son join the forces after losing her husband so horrifically to them, but in the end, she was proud of him for making such a responsible choice, and even though they weren't talking to each other, both Carole and Burt were unwaveringly proud of the success both their sons gained.

When he first enlisted, Finn struggled with the regimented and physical lifestyle of being a soldier, and he had to fight his demons of being scared of fighting on the frontline. But he worked hard and overcame it, climbing the ranks really quickly to be made Sergeant at 27. However, just a year later fighting in Afghanistan, Finn's worst fears were met and he was caught in a crossfire and shot in the lower back. He was flown back to the military hospital in Fort Sam, Texas, and although Carole and Burt knew about it, Finn made them swear not to tell Kurt what happened and distrupt his intense New York life.

Finn lost full function in his left leg was confined to a wheelchair in the process of intensive rehabilitation. He has not progressed to crutches and he will eventually regain the ability to walk but will probably never be fit enough to return to service, the Army Psych telling him he may even be suffering from hints of Post-Traumtic Stress Disorder. He is currently discharged from the service on medical leave and has returned to Lima to stay with his parents while he undergoes further treatment. He is optimistic and positive in attitude, but has no idea what happens with his life from here. He's just glad he lived and that his Mom didn't need to get that fated knock at the door a second time in her life. Mr Schue's email arrived just weeks after Finn arrived back home to Lima, and with a renewed sense of appreciation for life, he freely agrees to go.

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